About Pandora Jewelry

Since 1982 Pandora has been a global mainstay in the world of fine jewelry, offering stunning style at a highly accessible price point. Today you can find Pandora Jewelry in more than 100 countries at 2,100+ stores, but no matter what location you visit, you’ll always be treated to the same cordial service and an exceptional customer experience.

The Challenge

As a growing franchise-based organization with its sights set on global expansion, Pandora strives to make their stores look and feel the same at every location around the world. Prior to working with Mood, however, few of their stores were playing the same music. The result was in an inconsistent customer experience that didn’t accurately express the true sound of their brand.

Additionally, Pandora is always looking to maintain a competitive edge in their industry, and they wanted an innovative digital signage solution that showcases their offerings in a way that drives sales and enhances the in-store experience. The solution would need to include digital media players, software, content development and support.

For Pandora, the ideal music and digital signage partners would need to be experienced providers that offer exceptional solutions, global coverage and professional installation. Fortunately, Mood was able to deliver both, serving as a single-source for everything Pandora needed to elevate their in-store experience.

“As a rapidly growing brand with locations across the globe, we needed more than just a Music and Digital Signage provider – we needed an industry-leading partner that could help us create a consistently engaging experience at each of our stores. That’s exactly what we found with Mood.”

– Jeff Matthews
Pandora Jewlery
Director of Store Design and Construction

The Approach

Leveraging years of experience serving franchise-based organizations, Mood knew exactly what Pandora was looking for: a partner that could implement a brand standard program across each of their locations.

To establish this high level of consistency, the Mood team met with Pandora to gain a deep understanding of their brand personality, key business objectives, target audience and desired in-store experience. Based on the findings, a dedicated Music Designer at Mood collaborated with the Pandora team in the creation of custom music programs that could accurately convey Pandora’s chic and welcoming spirit.

From there, Mood’s visual experts went to work on developing stunning digital signage solutions, as well as interactive tablet stations to further immerse customers in the Pandora brand experience.

The Solution


Pandora’s in-store music includes two custom programs, each professionally-designed on a track-by-track basis. Genres include modern pop and classic vocal jazz, creating a lavish and vibrant sound, and a gentle, yet uplifting energy that is uniquely Pandora Jewelry.

These programs are automatically updated every 60 days via Ethernet, ensuring that the Pandora experience is always up to date with contemporary hits and well-attuned to customer preferences. Additionally, all music is fully licensed and screened for business use, and Mood’s team of global licensing experts is able to secure all necessary international rights for commercial music usage.


In order to create a more immersive and engaging customer experience, Mood designed and implemented the following digital signage solutions:

ICON Frame: Driven through commercial-grade 85” and 32” Samsung screens, this stunning digital signage display showcases seasonal and promotional products in breathtaking detail, complemented by dynamic motion graphics and videography. All content is created by Mood’s in-house team of visual designers, and all screens and visual hardware are professionally installed by local Mood technicians.

Craftsmanship Tablet Displays: Customers can interact with the Pandora brand and view a series of videos that showcase the craftsmanship behind Pandora Jewelry. Each tablet display also includes a set of Klipsch over-ear headphones to further enhance the experience.


To complete the experience, Pandora relies on Mood for professional sound system design, equipment and installation. All equipment is from leading manufacturers such as Bose and Lowell, with system design from Mood’s certified A/V experts.

The Results

By working with Mood, Pandora was able to achieve an in-store experience that brilliantly reflects their luxurious and chic brand personality. Additionally, this experience is consistent across all of their locations, since all music and signage content is centrally managed by Pandora corporate personnel, via Mood’s web-based control sites.

For Jeff Matthews, Pandora Jewelry Director of Store Design and Construction, the result is unparalleled peace of mind, thanks to Mood’s extraordinary level of support.

“At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a dependable partner that offers exceptional services and that will always go the extra mile, then I highly recommend Mood.”

– Jeff Matthews
Pandora Jewlery
Director of Store Design and Construction