Mood’s patented, digital watermark technology allows brands to deliver personalized marketing straight to customers’ mobile devices


AUSTIN, TEXAS. Friday, April 15, 2016 – T-Mobile is the first business in Europe to deploy Mood Presence across its stores. The deployment will take place in the Czech Republic, offering the operator a new and innovative channel to deliver personalized messages directly to its customers’ mobile devices.

Presence is an inaudible digital signal transmitted through Mood Media’s global content delivery network of media players. With the Presence signal activated, brands are able to communicate with their customers while they are in-store and deliver relevant, engaging content straight to their mobile devices, further enhancing the in-store experience.

Customers accessing the ”My T-Mobile” app while in any T-Mobile store across the Czech Republic will receive special offers that are tailored to the particular store, as well as potentially receiving a gift.

“This is a new marketing tool that will help us to better target our customers, and create a truly personalized experience for those walking into our stores. We will also be able use the tool for a range of activities, including recruitment, as well as delivering relevant content straight to our customers, such as promotional discounts, offers and special events,” says Michal Dvorsky, Sales Director of T-Mobile.

Mood’s Presence signal is key to transforming the way consumers interact with their mobile devices in-store. It allows brands to change the in-store shopping experience into a personalized adventure for shoppers, starting at the point of sale, which will help to build strong relationships beyond the store.

“Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices with over 2 billion smartphone users globally and over 150 million in Central Eastern Europe alone. It is critical for retailers to adapt to this growing trend and ensure that their customer interactions also take place on this channel. T-Mobile is a pioneer in Eastern Europe, and Mood is honored to work with them throughout the transformation of their customer experience,” said Ken Eissing, President In-Store Media, Mood Media. “Clients such as Nike Australia, Office Depot, Food Lion and Belk in the US are already using the Presence technology through our unique partnership with Shazam and the service Shazam In-Store; however, T-Mobile marks the first client to adopt it in Europe.”

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T-Mobile Czech Republic has been operating in the Czech market since 1996, and since 2002 has been part of the international telecommunications group, Deutsche Telekom. With almost six million mobile customers, T Mobile is the number one mobile operator on the Czech market. T-Mobile is an integrated operator and also provides telecommunications services and comprehensive ICT solutions. It provides its clients with superior service in a high-speed network and cutting-edge innovations in technology.

T-Mobile Czech Republic emphasizes a responsible approach to business and society.

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